About Peace and Plenty

Located in Swansea, Tasmania

Dr Paul McGillick and Charmaine Zheng are the custodians of Peace and Plenty. We’d love to live here permanently, but professional obligations keep us tied to Sydney. We feel very fortunate to be able to enjoy this piece of paradise, which is why we love to share it with others.

Paul is a well-established writer and editor on art and architecture, and you can check out some of his books in our library, along with magazine articles. We share a love of art and design – hence our treasured Louis Poulsen PH5 pendant lights over the dining table, our Designs in Timber furnishings and a sample of our South-East Asian textiles, which we collect, along with paintings and prints, especially Japanese woodcuts – unfortunately too delicate to bring to Peace and Plenty.

Peace and Plenty is our project which we invite you to share in. We are constantly working on improvements to the house and the landscape around it. It is something we share with our guests, but also with the wonderful birds and animals who live here in the forest and coastal scrub.

It is this sense of connectedness which we want to preserve. We hope this will enrich your stay and be something you will treasure long after you have returned home.